The Rulership of the Sovereign House of Le Roux dynasty changed in September 2018 and control of the worldwide business operations changed in 2013. The Monarchy has placed everything under one rulership for the first time in 2329 years. Prince and Princess Le Roux is the current rulers of the Sovereign House of Le Roux dynasty and is also the current Rulers of the Principality of Bellaprima.


Prince Allan Le Roux (as Prince Allan V) and Princess of the Principality of Bellaprima that was granted by a Royal Privilege in March 1710 by Philip V of Sicily and executed the same year. Philip V of Sicily, reigned in Spain as Felipe V and was the first Spanish Sovereign of the Bourbon Dynasty, which still reigns in Spain today. Prince and Princess Le Roux are also the Baron and Baroness of Renda in Northern Italy that dates back to 1262 with King Constance II of Sicily. Prince and Princess Le Roux are in England the Baron and Baroness of Aldington that dates back to 871 with the creation of the English Monarchy with Alfred the Great. The Aristocracy titles in Germany with King Childeric I that dates back to 457 were lost with the rise of Hitler. The Monarchy of Brittany since Conan Meriadoc during the 4th century and were thereafter incorporated into France with the civil war of Brittany.


During the 1800's to the early 1900’s the family maximised on opportunities to expand its worldwide business operations and have benefited highly from the industrial struggle during the Great Depression. While most economies fell by 25% during 1918 to 1921 and did not recover until the end of the Great Depression, the family have expanded its footprint worldwide substantially.


The family has maximized on opportunities to grow its business operations worldwide during the financial instability which preceded and accompanied the Great Depression. Many of the European countries accumulated debt to pay for their involvement in the First World War. The large debt destabilized many European economies as they tried to rebuild during the 1920’s. With the associations and involvement of many royal families this was a great opportunity to maximize and grow its worldwide operations.


The family has a rich and well-established business history and since the late 1800's starting with precision “high stress” component manufacturing that played a vital role in Britain’s aircraft industry until the early 1970’s. Building cannons for the warships in Britain during World War I and World War II. With the very same facility that was later converted for the manufacturing of alloy wheels from the early 1970’s and became the third largest wheel manufacturer in the world with facilities in the United Kingdom, Kent, Cardiff, South Africa, Canada and Detroit in the US. During 2004 the family decided to exit the manufacturing industry and focus more on the fast-growing side of its business industries.


The family entered the primary financial markets in the late 1920’s and has grown from strength to strength. Today the family manage its worldwide business operations via various multinational corporations and prides itself on excellence.



The meaning of Le Roux is in the specific spelling of Le Roux which indicates the origin is from Brittany and with the translation of (Ar Rouz or Ar Ruz) meaning of Breton and with this specific spelling of Le Roux is from Breton, meaning from Brittany and especially indicates the rulers of Brittany (Ar Roue) meaning ″The King″.



The family have had associations with other royal and aristocratic families for many generations and have continued these associations.



Skills and experience on a multinational corporate executive level are of the utmost importance to ensure a competent decision-making process to maximize on shareholder value.



Our Vision is to create a secure technology framework that guides every aspect of our business operations by continuously unfolding the need to accomplish, in order to achieve quality growth.



Our Winning Culture defines the attitudes and behaviours that require us to make our Vision for 2025 a reality.



Our values and principles are based on integrity, trust, honesty, accountability and compliance that serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.



Always act with care and urgency and remain approachable to change but have the ability and courage to change course when needed. Make each disappointment an opportunity and work effectively and efficiently.